Loving Our Place


Think Green, we can all make a difference

As a family and a business, we are committed to protecting our wonderful surroundings and its environment. Sustainability is one of the greatest and most important issues facing the planet in the 21st century. We will endeavour to be environmentally conscious in terms of services and products used at Church Cottage, to maintain our Green status. Sustainable tourism protects our environment, respects local cultures, supports communities, conserves natural resources and minimises pollution.

By joining Green Tourism , we hope this will give you reassurance of our green credentials and sustainable working practice.

Green / Eco Stay

Who Gives a Crap

Using recycled paper products wherever possible! Toilet humour that makes a difference, 50% of profits helping to build toilets and improve sanitation needs around the world.

We aim to use LED light bulbs throughout the property, these are energy efficient and have a long life span.

Logs are sourced locally and sustainably. They are kiln-dried or properly seasoned and dried to reduce the log’s moisture content. This is important to reduce CO2 emissions, tar buildup and burning with greater heat. Please familiarise yourself with the stove, use with closed door for optimum efficiency and avoid burning wood found on local walks.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We pride ourselves on using eco-friendly cleaning products that work and avoiding chemicals as much as possible. During these times of increased infection, risks of Covid, and future variants, we have maintained our green status whilst keeping you safe during your stay and protecting the environment.





As an extra deterrent and as continuous sterilisation, we have invested in the AIRsteril Purification System. This works throughout the property and on all hard and soft surfaces reducing the need for lengthy carpet / soft furnishing cleaning and fogging which creates dampness. 

This is cutting-edge technology, approved and used in the NHS, using UV light sterilisation: it’s safe and keeping us safe, whatever the future of viruses and infection holds.

Caring for our countryside

We are so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful countryside in Northumberland. A land of hills and moorland, rivers, forests and historical, ancient places and of course, Hadrian’s Wall.

Please abide by The Countryside Code and enjoy the many lovely walks and footpaths. Although Hadrian’s Wall and other historic monuments may be tempting to climb or walk on, This causes erosion and may damage the wonderful lichens, mosses and wildlife that live here too.

Tasty, drinking water!