Covid-19 Risk Assessment for Different Surfaces in Church Cottage

Covid 19 Risk Assessment For Different Surfaces

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Date of Next Review:

MARCH 2021

Date of Assessment



Regularly re-evalued during times of COVID, based on government guidelines.

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What are the Hazards?

Specific Surfaces

What are you already doing to control the Risk?

What further action do you need to take to control the risk?

Risk Factor / Urgency




Hard Surfaces to be cleaned and then disinfected

Kitchen worktop

Door handles and door frames where hand contact is likely throughout.

Light switches throughout. Bannister

Keys and KeySafe, door

handle and door. Dining table, coffee table, bedside tables

Lamp switches (bedside lights and standard lamps) TV remotes

Dining chairs – backs, sides and front of seat.

Window handles throughout.

Cleaning at each turnaround

Increase process to 2 stage clean and then disinfect with Biocide.

Use food safe product in the kitchen.

Soft furnishings

Sofas and Sofa cushions / throws cushions


Mattress and duvet protectors bed valences

Carpet Curtains

Second set of mattress and duvet protectors to be swapped and washed after every changeover.

Steam cleaner to be used

Mist over Biocide at each turnover if gap of less than 72 hours between guests.

Remove cushions and throws from sofas & beds.

To be changed at each turnaround if less than 72 hours between next guests. Pillows to be removed from the cottage and guests asked to bring their own. (international guests or large families can request pillows which will then be isolated after their stay)

Fogging with Biocide

Kitchen appliances and utensils etc

Toaster, Kettle, oven controls and door handle, microwave controls, fridge?freezer door handles, washing machine and dishwasher controls and door, cupboard, interiors and door handles

Tea, coffee and sugar canisters

Saucepans inc. handles & Lids,

Knives & utensils, Glasses, mugs & cutlery.

Tea, coffee and sugar in single sachets.

Non-essential and excess items removed.

Use Biocide on a cloth and apply liberally to all controls, door handles, canisters and appliances at every turnaround.

Utensils/crockery to be run through dish washer at each changeover.


Toilet seat & Flush, Sink front and taps. Shower and shower controls.

Bathroom door handles and lock (both sides)

Thorough bathroom clean and disinfect.

Toilet flushed during pre inspection.

Follow 2 stage cleaning, cleaning 1st with standard products before fogging with Biocide. Steam cleaning also available.


Floors throughout the property

Hard floors to be vacuumed and washed at everyturn around using Biocide solution

Carpet on stairs to be hoovered and fogged with biocide.


Steamed or washed with mild disinfectant solution

Steam cleaner purchased.

This will be carried out after children stay at the cottage.

If it is adults only the risk is reduced as these are not high touch areas under normal circumstances.


Bin lids disinfected. Inside and outside of bins wiped over with disinfectant.

Guest asked to ensure bins are emptied before they leave the cottage.

During pre-inspection any bins not emptied are emptied. All waste and recycling removed from cottages weekly.

During pre-inspection any bins not emptied are emptied. All waste removed from cottages weekly.

Recycle which is collected fortnightly will be removed and stored away from the cottages.